Cashup Project

CashUp is an instant online loan service in Ukraine

We follow closely the development of the Western fintech industry. Therefore we could not ignore the express lending industry too. So, by 2016, we made the idea of fintech-startup a reality. Over the past two years the project had issued the total loans amount of over 100 million UAH. More than 20 thousand of customers are regular clients of the company and get a loan in less than 30 seconds. Thanks to the credit scoring system based not only on the financial information and credit history of the borrower from the credit bureau, but also on patterns of customer behavior, social network data, other information from public sources, which indirectly characterizes the customer’s financial capacity, we have developed an effective decision-making system.

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Onekarma Project

OneKarma is a platform for transactional analysis

The application analyzes all purchases in real time, without using personal information, except the gender and age of the user. A customer profile is created on the basis of important events in life (moving, buying a car, the birth of a child), which helps to predict where, when and how much he will spend for the next purchase.

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Vaytam Project

Vaitamn is an express loan service in Vietnam

A new project, first of all, is a challenge for the development team. After the launch of the successful ukrainian project in SynergyOne decided to test their power in the cities of Vietnam. But like the song says, "New person, same old mistakes"? We hope that only the proven approaches to the borrower assessment process and the high rate of loan applications processing will remain the same.

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CashUp App Project

CashUp App is a mobile application for online credit card loans service

One day we realized that an instant debit card loans could be even faster. And thus the development of a mobile application began... The application's features are not limited to such options as to apply, to track the status of the loan and to pay off the loan. The functionality is constantly expanding, so today users even have the ability to authorize using the fingerprint, so there is no risk of hacking your personal account.

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FemLoan Project

Fem Loan

Fem Loan is a service that helps Ukrainians to place orders on global foreign trading platforms, such as Amazon, Ebay, H&M, etc.The main goal of Fem Loan is to provide money on any ukrainian customer’s debit card the moment a favorable discount is available. Don't miss your chance, do smart shopping with Fem Loan.